The 3 Undeniable Advantages of Choosing Metal Roofing

Are you going to redo your roof for your next home improvement project? If so, consider metal roofing. It offers a plethora of advantages over traditional shingle and slate roofing. Your roof will be more durable, more weatherproof, and less costly -- not to mention the fact that it'll be as aesthetically pleasing as it is unconventional.

Unconvinced? Check out these three advantages of metal roofing:

With an infrastructure built to withstand both the elements and the test of time, metal roofing is incredibly durable. While a shingled roof only lasts 12-17 years, metal roofing and metal shingles can last up to 50 years. In other words, a metal roof can last three to seven times longer than typical asphalt shingles. Metal roofing is also fire resistant, which safeguards the home even further.

And this durability is important because it's there when it counts. During times of inclement weather, such as heavy rainfall and strong winds. In fact, metal roofing can protect homes from gusts as high as 110-160 miles per hour.

Metal roofing is not only a durable, safe, and effective choice, but a cost-efficient one, too. Metal roofing is extremely energy efficient, working to absorb heat and keep homes cooler, resulting in as much as 25% annual savings on your energy bills. If you're looking to cut your costs even further, metal shingles cost around 20% less than installing a standing seam, as they are easier to assemble and faster to install.

Once you decide to go ahead with your metal roofing home improvement project, it's important you find home improvement professionals fit for the job. If you don't choose the right metal roofing contractor, your roofing job will be inconsistent, off-schedule, and unsafe. Look for qualified professional metal roofing experts with years of experience, viable referrals, and communicative business practices. With the right home improvement professionals by your side, you'll have a long-lasting, quality metal roof.

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