Deck Building Services Can Create an Inviting Outdoor Gathering Space

The 50 degree weather on President's Day weekend gave you some hope that spring weather might finally be approaching. After six straight weeks of looking outside at the snow on the ground, it looks like this warmth may actually melt away the last of the piles of dirty, grey snow that seem to be everywhere. Those thoughts of spring, however, also got you to thinking about the repair projects and updates that are needed on your house and on your property.

First up is replacing the spongey, and now mildewing, siding on the front of the house. Before that can be done though, the large window above the front porch will need to be replaced. It is difficult to tell what came first, the leaky window or the mildewed siding. Either way, these expensive repairs have to be a priority. While you are scheduling contractors and bids for these "must-do" projects, you also decided to add a more fun item to the list of outdoor improvements. The decision to install a new deck is a home repair item that will bring more relaxing meals outdoors for a family that finds itself too busy to even eat together most of the time.

Increasing Your Outdoor Living Space

Home improvement services can include everything from vinyl siding to composite decks to aluminum roofs. While the indoor home improvement projects often become a priority for many homeowners, outdoor projects like the decision to install a new deck can bring just as much enjoyment.

Today's busy school and work schedules often mean that families do not often take the time to gather for meals. Eating a quick meal at the kitchen table is full of the usual distractions. The mother looks at the pile of laundry that still needs to be folded. The father longs for his recliner and another episode of the the latest crime television series he has been binge watching. The children, whether they are youngsters in elementary school or high schoolers who drive, are tempted by their phones and their constant updates from friends. Making the decision, however, to move the indoor meal to a new outdoor eating area can help slow things down. Away from the distractions of television and piles of laundry, the parents may actually be able to encourage the entire family to linger on the deck or in the backyard gazebo and enjoy evenings of pleasant weather and great conversation.

The most current deck designs include eating areas, in addition to benches and nooks that encourage reading the morning paper and resting in the sun. Expanding the footprint of a small deck first built when your home was constructed can change everyone's view of the outdoor space. A larger, more comfortable location can become a great landing spot for older children and their friends who just want some where to gather.

Increasing Your Home's Value

In addition to providing a relaxed setting, the decision to install a new deck will also increase the value of a home. A wood or composite deck installation project returns an average of about 87% of the original investment. Expanding the outdoor living space, while at the same time upgrading the materials used for this space, may be a real selling point if you later decide to move.

Over 40 million decks in America were constructed at least 20 years ago. As an answer to these aging decks and patio spaces, the deck and patio construction industry employs nearly 120,000 people in the U.S. This industry works toward offering a variety of traditional decking options, as well as composite materials that are virtually maintenance-free. These composite materials have warranties that equal the length of many vinyl siding and metal roofing options.

Increasing the List of Home Improvement Projects

As the long winter weather finally begins to wind down and your list of outdoor projects continues to grow, perhaps it is time that you also look at the fun projects that could be added to the list. Replacing leaking windows and old siding have to be priorities, but when the contractors come out to give the bids why not ask for an estimate and a design to install a new deck as well?